Will Wilson's new irons help your game?

Ben Brierley

12 February 2024


We love hearing all about the latest golf irons that are coming out and will soon be on the shelves and ready to have a go with. We’ve been speaking with Wilson for a while now, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to spill the beans on their new Staff Model irons!

We appreciate that there is a lot of jargon and strange words that crop up when you’re researching golf clubs, so today we want to simplify some of these terms and give you an understanding of how they help the performance of your golf iron.

Simply put: will the Wilson Staff Model irons help your game?


The Staff Model face


Let’s start by diving into all that makes the face on the Wilson Staff Model Blades so special. It’s the one section of the club where the iron makes contact with the ball, so Wilson has been diligent in making it just right.

When you pick up one of these clubs you’ll make out the perfectly formed grooves on the clubface. The face has undergone a precision-milling process that leaves the grooves perfectly formed to give you excellent friction. The face design gives your strikes longer ball-to-face contact for absolute control on impact.


Well-weighted and wieldy


Something that shouldn’t go unnoticed is just how good this club feels to pick up and swing in your hands. Wilson has been around for decades, and the Staff Model Blade irons are more of an adaptation from their classic Dynapower irons. Building on this original design, Wilson has made their newest release even more wieldy and aerodynamic.

One of the new improvements has been to distribute mass towards the toe end of the club to open the face up. By taking unused mass and putting it in precise toe weights, the club will be squarer on impact to give you a more accurate performance.


Looks and feel


Ultimately, a golf iron is only going to perform as well as how much you get on with it. The good news is that both the Wilson Model Blade and CB irons feel silky smooth and they look incredible both sat in your bag and when you’re standing over the ball.

There’s a buttery-soft feel on impact when you hit the ball just right, and this is largely down to the care the carbon steel has been giving throughout the forging process. The club doesn’t feel awkward in any way, and you can feel all the individual parts working in unision as you strike the ball.


Wilson's Staff Model iron range

Precision toe weighting pushes the CG towards the toe for enhanced forgiveness.


Now that we’ve taken a look at how the tech in the clubs will help you gain the edge when you’re out on the golf course, we’d like to take a closer look at all the irons available in the range.

As we’ve covered above, the Staff Model Blade irons looks great, they feel the part, and they’ll give you a stellar iron performance. We love all the hardworking tech Wilson has put into this design, and the chrome finish simply looks stunning. These irons are available in a set of 4 iron – Pitching Wedge.

If you’re looking to get better at the game and improve your handicap, Wilson has a fantastic new cavity back release in the Staff Model CB irons. The cavity back design makes the clubs easier to hit and will help you build up your confidence to improve your shot consistency and lower your scores.

We’d also like to mention the Wilson Dynapower iron. Paying homage to the original Dynapower irons from decades ago, this iron builds on a classic design to suit your golfing needs. The clubhead is highly stable for very accurate strikes, and the uncomplicated style looks fantastic.

If you’re thinking of adding new golf irons to your bag ahead of the golfing season, we’d be more than happy to walk you through what we have in stock in the pro shop.

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